Mushroom Foraging Workshop

Join renowned Mycologist and author, Gary Goldman, known as the Mushroom Fundi.

Enjoy an early morning hike in Newlands forest with a small group of fellow mushroom enthusiasts.

Always wanted to know which mushrooms you can eat? Forage your own mushrooms for breakfast.

Armed with baskets, boots and pocket knives you’ll head into the forest and learn how to track down elusive porcini, pine rings, slippery Jacks and more. 

Enjoy a delicious wild food picnic by RE Wild Food served with freshly sautéed mushrooms, coffee and more.

Gary will demonstrate how to gently remove, clean, and how to store your mushrooms in your basket for safe keeping.

Date:               27th July 

Start Time:     7am

End time:       11 - 12pm - depends on the day 

Where:           Newlands Forest 

Cost:              R 850 per person, includes a picnic breakfast 

Please wear comfortable shoes and a rain jacket,  and bring a basket and knife with you. 

All RE Wild Food meals are plant-based. Please let us know well in advance if you have any food allergies or special requirements, so we can cater accordingly.

Gary's book is also available for purchase:

Mushroom Foraging Workshop

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